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The flame passes on… by Imran Mohammed

I taught my first dance class with Limitless Productions as part of DanceTO’s Dance in my ‘hood program for the International Day of Dance celebration. Before the class even began we did a lot. My Limitless friends Ashima, Sarah, Shafik, Justine and of course, I, canvassed the Yonge and Wellesley intersection for about a half

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Confessions of a Choreographer #3 – V-Blog

A great week filled with pleasant surprises. When you know what a low can feel like, you definately appreciate the highs so much more. Yesterday (April 30th 2011) was a great day for Limitless! Check out the video blogs to see more of the action! Confessions part 1 – Dance in my Hood’ workshop (includes floor

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Fear, doubt, a little dance and family by Imran Mohammed

Why am I even auditioning for a total stranger? Who would want to watch me dance? What gives me the right to even be on a stage? WHAT AM I DOING halfway across another city? These, and a thousand similar questions arose in my mind in the middle of an hour long commute from City

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Confessions of a Choreographer #2

Facing Fear Upside Down (April 17th – April 23rd) I was at the dance studio when suddenly I got scared and rushed out half way through a rehearsal. I was frightened but I didn’t know what scared me so much. As I rushed out and ran up the stairs, I saw a familiar face. I felt

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Confessions of a Choreographer

When I first started Limitless Productions and signed up to be a choreographer, little did I know what a life changing experience this process would be. And when we went full force in early 2010, I wasn’t at all prepared for the biggest test of my life. Welcome to my personal experience in being a

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First time Choreography – Shafik Kamani

Shafik Kamani has been with Limitless Productions for 1 year. This year, he put in a proposal to choreograph his very first dance piece at our Artists Showcase – Brave Beginnings. Here is what he had to say about his experience as a choreographer: Question: One line that would describe you as a dancer. Shafik:

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‘SHADEISM’ is now online! -By Nayani Vathsaladevi-Thiyagarajah

‘Shadeism’ will be screened at the Opening Night Gala of the Regent Park Film Festival next Wednesday, November 3 @ 7pm. The festival is taking place at Lord Dufferin Public School – 350 Parliament Street. We hope to see you there for a night of amazing youth-made works! For More Info: http://www.regentparkfilmfestival.com/sched/youth.html ‘Shadeism’ Synopsis: This

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Brown and (B)old

“I’m a Performer and an Artistic Director.” I say enthusiastically when I am asked the question on what it is that I do in my spare time. This is often followed by the question, “Oh what kind of performer?” Contemporary and Indo-contemporary dance, I answer back with my response usually being, “Ahhh, you mean Bollywood

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