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Confessions of a Choreographer #8 – In my bedroom

As I child, I remember running into my bedroom every day after school, locking the door and turning up the music. For  3 to 4 hours a day, my room had become my stage. A platform to dream endlessly and create choreography. For a brief moment, I had an audience. An audience that would witness

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Confessions of a choreographer #7 – Celebrating 4 years

It seems like yesterday when we held our first auditions. It was June 17th 2007.  At that time, putting a 2 minute dance together was our main objective. We needed to form a group, find free rehearsal space that was also barrier free, come up with choreography that engages with an audience with various abilities and prove

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Touring our performance venue for the Fringe Festival, Factory Theatre Mainspace

It seems surreal to see the stage that you will be performing on in less than a month. A stage where many great artists have shown and executed their own plays or dances. Getting a walk through of the venue made this all a little more real. Check out pics and see youtube link to

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Taste of the Forbidden Fruit by Imran Mohammed

In March of this year I had been to a friend’s birthday party. There I met with a host of his friends. Little did I know that a meeting, a friendly chat and a consequential facebook befriending would actually lead to a rewarding opportunity. After we confirmed each other as facebook friends, Irfaan and I

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Dance in my Hood workshop – Rain or Shine

Our 3rd & 4th workshop was outdoors at Wilket Creek Park! These were Limitless’s first outdoor workshops and in the beginning of the workshop, we weren’t sure if people would come out due to the rain and the dark clouds. But within minutes of our workshop beginning, we saw dancers walk towards us with big smiles

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Confessions of a Choreographer #6 – Try, Try & Try Again

I didn’t know what I was getting myself into until I tried it out for myself this week. It is so much easier and comforting to be the ‘best’ in a class but part of growing and learning is to be in an environment where there are people more technically advanced than than you. This is my confession!

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Dance in my Hood’ Workshops

Check out pics and a video from our 2nd Free Dance workshop as part of the Dance TOs Dance in my Hood’ initiative! It was a lot of fun! Come out to the next FREE workshop in the park on Sunday May 22nd!  Email limitlessdance@gmail.com for deets.  Dance in my Hood workshop & interview

It’s been a long weight by Imran Mohammed

The inspiration for this log entry came to me about two weeks ago when one of the students of Limitless Productions’ Dance in my ‘hood workshops asked me, “how much do you weigh?” and then proceeded to backpedal by saying, “what’s the right weight for a dancer?” While I had not thought much about it

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Confessions of a Choreographer #5 – Unleashed

A few weeks ago, I felt like I had been stripped naked, running around a public street looking for shelter. Trying to find something to cover me up.  Maybe a steel shield?  Anything that would protect me.  Protect my heart.  It is how I felt in being vulnerable, scared and in many ways alone. I

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Confessions of a Choreographer #4 – Fringe Dates in 5, 4, 3, 2…

It’s out!! It makes this all so official. Knowing what the fringe festival dates are that is. And where we will be performing! In just over 2 months. I feel like I’m in a dream and right now I don’t want to wake up!! I had to share the experience of opening up this very

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