Artistic Director Ashima Suri is the recipient of the Toronto Arts Council Artist-in-the-library grant. Ashima, along with the limitless collective, will be delivering creative programming at the Fairview Library from September – December 2017.

About the project:

What: The Limitless and Bolly Yoga workshop and performance series creates and builds community through healing artistic practices. The vision for the project is to provide a platform for participants to be able to express themselves, create safe spaces and tell their stories.

When: The residency will take place at the Fairview Library and run from September 11 to December 18th 2017. At the completion of the residency, there will be two performances at the Fairview Theatre.

Who: The programming is developed for kids, teens and adults and it is free to the community.

Where: Fairview Library (schedule will be up in August 2017)

How: The Limitless workshops are 2-hours each. There will be mini-showcases of the story-telling and performance component of the workshops throughout the 4-months residency and two big showcases in the Fairview Library theatre in December 2017.

For more on how-to get involved in the project, either as a teacher, creative artist or a community member, please contact