“I’m a Performer and an Artistic Director.” I say enthusiastically when I am asked the question on what it is that I do in my spare time. This is often followed by the question, “Oh what kind of performer?” Contemporary and Indo-contemporary dance, I answer back with my response usually being, “Ahhh, you mean Bollywood dance right?”

No. Not Bollywood dance, I answer back trying to find alternative ways to describe what it is that I do.

See, I love Bollywood dance and it’s what I grew up watching and performing to. Some of my initial choreography was all Bollywood with a twist. But then there came a point in my life where I knew for sure that I was different. It came at a time when I said to an old dance partner, “why can’t we wear all black as our costumes? It’s our bodies and our movements that are artistic and we don’t always need colourful costumes with lots of glitter to express a feeling or an emotion.

After a number of years of exploring that very concept, I found my way back into the contemporary dance world. As a teenager, I got a dose of this world in Abu Dhabi but it wasn’t until many years later, that I made my way back into the contemporary dance world.

It was all very foreign to me. What? They are studios! I’m not rehearsing or learning dance in a basement? It’s all I knew growing up and studying Indian Classical dance. Suddenly, I was in a large room, sometimes with large mirrors and bars, and a lot of dancers who knew what they were doing.

I have to admit. I stood out like a sore thumb. I didn’t see much diversity in this new dance world, let alone a South Asian contemporary dancer! I also – well – was a bit older than the early 20-something year olds who had a completely different language than I did.

When it came time to audition for companies, I scrambled for a bio, a resume and a headshot. I wasn’t prepared and wasn’t sure where I could go to get that assistance. I didn’t even have the right outfits!

But it was the very fact that I didn’t really fit in, that I wasn’t prepared, that I didn’t see the diversity or dancers of different ages that gave me the momentum to start Limitless.

I firmly believe and continue to believe that change begins with us. I really wanted to open up doors to performers of all backgrounds, train them to perform, prepare them for an audition, provide them a studio and give them a safe place to learn and grow.
The performers tell stories that often convey social messages. Contemporary dance is not just about technique but also a feeling. Indo-contemporary dance is a blend of Indian classical dance and contemporary dance. Indo-contemporary can also be performed to popular Bollywood tunes and still send a message and convey a variety of different emotions.

There are no boundaries in these forms of dances and there are no boundaries to who can perform them and thus the name, Limitless.

I am a contemporary dancer. I wear short dancer shorts and stretch doing plies. I like to move and roll on the floor and leave rehearsals with bruises –which I’m proud of! I’m often misunderstood in my chosen dance form but gratefully supported but many.

I am Brown and (B)old. I am an Artist. I am Limitless.

Welcome to Limitless Productions!!!

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