Shafik Kamani has been with Limitless Productions for 1 year. This year, he put in a proposal to choreograph his very first dance piece at our Artists Showcase – Brave Beginnings. Here is what he had to say about his experience as a choreographer:

Question: One line that would describe you as a dancer.
Shafik: As a dancer, I am adventurous, creative and persistent…I look to push my boundaries both as an artist and a dancer.

Question: What was your concept and how did you get the idea?
Shafik: The dance piece is called “Little Lies”. It’s about the white lies that we tell others and ourselves to get through life – and this question of “do we start to believe and become these lies”. The idea came to me via personal life experiences.

Question: How did it feel to choreograph your first dance piece?
Shafik: It was like being on “the bat” at Canada’s wonderland It was a rollercoaster ride of emotions and just when I thought it was over I had to do it all over again backwards. The great thing about a rollercoaster is when you

Question: How does getting the opportunity to participate in the Artist Showcase make you a better dancer / artist?are done you want to do it all over again.
Shafik: It makes you feel like a frigg in’ super star! As an artist it allows to take a creative vision and take it from conception to completion – to tell the audience a story. As a first time choreographer is gave me the experience and confidence that I can create something and follow through with it to the end. As a

Question: How did it feel to showcase your work in front of an audience?n artist it really pushed me to be in the moment, to tell the story envisioned and make sure that the choreographers story – in this case mine was executed as envisioned. Also in working with a stronger trained dancer it really made me push my dancing abilities.
Shafik: At first it was nerve wrecking because it exposes who you are and it’s open for people to judge. But after it’s done it’s an exhilarating rush – like running a 10 km and crossing the finish line flanked with your family and loved ones cheering you on.

Question: What are 3 key ingredients are needed to make a great choreographer / teacher?
Shafik: Creativity, confidence and chaos.

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