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Ashima Suri portrait photo in black and white.

Ashima Suri

Ashima Suri, Artistic Director of Limitless Productions, founded in 2007, is an award-winning dance artist based in Toronto. Specializing in Bharatanatyam and Contemporary dance, she uses performance art and storytelling for social change. She has toured internationally and collaborates with renowned choreographers. An Artist-in-the-Library grant recipient, she actively engages communities through innovative programming. Ashima also created Bolly Yoga, blending dance and yoga for therapeutic experiences, and works with various organizations to develop community programs.

Alexia D’Amato

Alexia D’Amato is a dancer, choreographer, yoga and barre instructor and teacher. Her passion for dance has grown and allowed her to stay committed to the art for over 25 years. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and Bachelor of Education from York University and a Masters of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of Chichester, UK. She has significant experience in the field of Dance and has had the opportunity to perform in numerous productions and performances. As an artist and teacher, she has found great importance in bringing arts into people lives and is dedicated in encouraging people of all ages to find their own passion and love of the arts.

Emily hussein photo.

Emily Hussein

Emily Hussein is a Canadian born artist whose goals and aspirations are rooted in her love of dance. She began her dance training in Vancouver in classical ballet but soon discovered that contemporary dance allowed for a more natural expression of her art. Emily left Vancouver in pursuit of a career in dance and found a new home in Toronto. She has been fortunate to have worked with artists such as Jose Carret, Newton Moraes, and Ashima Suri. These days Emily dedicates most of her time to teaching children. She teaches everything from tumbling to stretching, yoga and dance fitness. Emily is grateful to have the opportunity to join Limitless Productions for their upcoming community project and she is excited to be taking part in this year’s Artist in the Library initiative at the Fairview Library in Toronto.

Shafik Kamani photo.

Shafik Kamani

As a self-proclaimed creative madman, Shafik successfully straddles the world of his imagination with the world we are living in. His philosophy in life is to create art with purpose. Shafik has been with Limitless productions for the past 9 years and is very passionate about authentically telling stories and has participated in the following partnerships Nuit Blanche, Toronto Fringe Festival, Toronto Cultural Days and World Partnership Walk. His acting credits include: CBC’s Being Erika, stage performances of Mahesh Dattani’s Seven Steps around the Fire with Sawitri Theatre Group, The Source, Twelfth Night, Rewriting the Script, Narcissism and Brilliance, and 30 Dates to mention a few. In his most recent adventure, he wrote, produced and directed a theatrical production of Cancer is Drag, fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society raising over $10,000 for the Screening Saves Lives prevention program. Shafik has an infectiously positive personality and maintains a positive outlook in the most difficult of times and brings joy to everyone he meets. Whether he paints, dances or his artwork is expressive and exhibits the brute force of his passion. He is 100% committed to produce quality work that pushes boundaries.