It seems like yesterday when we held our first auditions. It was June 17th 2007.  At that time, putting a 2 minute dance together was our main objective. We needed to form a group, find free rehearsal space that was also barrier free, come up with choreography that engages with an audience with various abilities and prove why we were Limitless.

I’ll never forget the moment I saw the choreography come to life on stage that first time.  It didn’t matter that it was a gloomy rainy summer day and we had very few audience members to watch us.  What mattered was that there was a stage that we could perform on, a group of dancers that worked so hard to execute an idea and the impact that we could be making (though small at that time) by sharing our stories.  Our first dance piece was called ‘No Limitations’ and the message that we were sending was that we can be and do anything we wish to do.  “To feel art is a gift.  To be art is Limitless.’”

And 4 years later, we are sending that same message through our workshops, performances, blogs and videos.

They say that in order to know where we are going, we first must know where we have come from.  It has been the challenges in our past that have made us stronger in the present.  We have learned and grown alot and with the support of many people along our way, we continue the journey to create community and youth impact and provide a safe space for emerging diverse artists.

There is no better way to have celebrated our 4 year milestone than by giving back to the communities that have supported us so much.  It was a truly a gift that the Limitless family did together.

Here are few pictures and video of our experience today.

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