Route 2 Roots

A Celebration and an Honouring of our Roots

Join us in an interactive arts-based experience where we honour our histories through storytelling, visual & audio installations, performances and cultural culinary delights.


About Route 2 Roots

Created by Founder and Artistic Director Ashima Suri, ROUTE 2 ROOTS is a multidisciplinary arts and storytelling experience that includes a series of community arts based workshops culminating into a live activation.

The process of migration can be overwhelming and jarring. ROUTE 2 ROOTS is designed to be a creative communication hub where newcomers and individuals who have lived in Canada for several years, can come together and speak about their historical and ancestral roots in a fun and creative way.

Through various forms of exploration, curiosity and movement, we bring the stories to life through a public activation.

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Led by Artistic Director Ashima suri
Live Activation Date

Route 2 Roots

Join us for a day dedicated to celebrating our roots through music, performance, song, and dance! Embark on a journey to savor culinary delights, participate in sports and arts activities, and engage with interactive installations.

Be a part of the festivities with Artistic Director Ashima Suri and the ROOTS team at the Scarborough Museum on Saturday, July 27th, from 12 PM to 5 PM.

Route 2 Roots Activation Program Guide

12pm – Introductions, celebration and welcome

12:30pm – Performance showcase by community artists

1pm – Performance by Rebecca, Anna & Heryka

1:30pm – Performance by Takako

2:30pm – Performance showcase by community artists

3:30pm – Tea room – a gathering of storytelling and sharing.

5pm – Conclude

*note – Picnic & sports station will be available at 12pm, there are interactive installations and activities throughout the museum including beading and face painting.

**Picnic station – Break bread with the local community as we picnic in the park. Enjoy an assortment of tasty cultural bites as we celebrate community.


People's Stories​

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Ashima Suri

Artist Director

Heryka miranda


Sid Aakowa


Devonna Munroe


Alexia D'Amato

Artist Leader

Takako Segawa


Sharon Zarita


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About Route 2 Roots

Created by Founder and Artistic Director Ashima Suri, ROUTE 2 ROOTS is a multidisciplinary arts and storytelling experience that includes a...

Global Summit at Newfoundland, Canada

Artistic Director and Established Dance Award Winner, Ashima Suri, has been selected to perform at this year’s World Dance Alliance Global...
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Join Route2Roots, a storytelling arts experience connecting newcomers and Canadians, culminating in a live activation.
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