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Sex, Bollywood & Other Lies Opening Night

An AMAZING opening night show! Sex, Bollywood & Other Lies at the Fringe got great reviews from audience members.  See what all the fuss is all about. 6 more shows filled with love, laughter, drama, miscommunication, dance sex and Bollywood.  Check out all our media coverage.
Purchase tix at fringetoronto.com
Audience Testimonials
 ”This was an awesome show. Congratulations on a great opening night.” – Bill Thanis
“Just got back from an amazing show. it was entertaining with a theme and the dances were just mesmerizing. My eyes were constantly moving all over the place from 1 performer to the next because every single one were just so brilliant. but …with Imran it was so difficult to move ur eyes away from him because his dance techniques were so captivating. In short, I loved it. So anyone reading this GO, don’t think twice about it just GO !” – Farrah Moosa
“Limitless Rocks!” – Nita Monteagudo
“Ashima, congrats on the show… you are quite incredible — as a dancer and actor!!! I’m so glad I got to see the show…your choreography is stellar and the show was fabulous.” – Kareem Khubchandani

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