Day of Bliss and A New Beginning at the House of Moments, Toronto, December 21, 2012 from Peter Mykusz on Vimeo.

Day of Bliss and a New Beginning at the House of Moments hosted a fabulous event with art, music, dance performances, poetry readings, demonstrations, drumming, spiritual activities and really great Eastern-fusion cuisine. This unique restaurant, lounge and art gallery has a warm, friendly atmosphere. It’s located at 386 Carlaw Avenue. Toronto, ON M4M 2T4, Canada, telephone 416 901-6003.

Adelle Juliet, their Community Ambassador, expressed it best with her eloquent prose:
December 21st has been marked in our minds and calendars with indecision around what that day is REALLY all about.
It is no doubt that change is on it’s way, and that the world as we know it is about to embark on some major shifts and transformations. But it’s not as though that change is something we should dread.

Change is inevitable, and as it has been said time and time again that “the only constant is change.”

According to the Mayan calendar, and the intuitive knowing we all have, change is coming, but again, that doesn’t mean it is something to fear.
Although there is talk about many of these shifts happening in the physical and geographical world, it is also becoming more apparent that the major shift taking place is one that will separate us further from the systems and frameworks we have agreed to for so long, and move us towards a new way of living as a collective consciousness.

What we are more likely to see come to an end are the masculine dominated structures by which we still abide but are shifting away from. Replacing this “old way” will be a surge of more heart-based community, more freedom to express, greater unity among family and tribes and a conscious awakening to the greater purpose we are all here to have.

This more heart based way of living will not be taught or learnt, but remembered, as we all come together and allow ourselves to express more of the creative, passionate and feminine energy we all embody.

When we unite our communities and join together to celebrate this harmony of consciousness, a new paradigm is born. And with this new paradigm, a shift takes place. It’s not the end, but the beginning. The closing of one door is the opening of another, just as the death of one paradigm is the birth another.

Like one season switching to the next, the change is gradual and sometimes unnoticed. It is observed only when there is drastic change, such as a fluctuation in weather or the sight of snow. This is what triggers our awareness of it, but we know it doesn’t happen over night. It has been transitioning with each and every day.

So as the calendar predicts, the changing of “the season” is December 21st, 2012.

Replacing the fear of what may have been instilled within, we embrace this change with faith and love, as we begin to see the colors of the new season and the emergence of a more vibrant and purposeful way of living.

The dawning of this heartfelt era deserves celebration, which is why we’re uniting our community and coming together to share in this Day of Bliss and A New Beginning at the House of Moments. This is the venue Toronto has talked about, dreamed about, and finally brought about for this momentous day.

Join us in this celebration of love, and expect to experience a festival-like atmosphere, with food, drinks, dance performances, live music, art, healing, spoken word, poetry, and breathtaking expressions of abundance.

This celebration will be harmonized by opening our floor to all expressionists and inviting you to interact within the experience, engaging with the artists in our community, and taking part in chiropractic treatments by the reiki masters and healers we are bringing into our home to realign us all.

Come celebrate this cultural and unifying experience in the 
company of our family and comfort of our home.
Look forward to seeing you there, enjoying together a Day of Bliss and celebrating in harmony, A New Beginning.
Big Love,
Adelle Juliet

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