Sex, Bollywood and Other Lies is a takedown of the cookie-cutter conventions of South Asia’s best-known cinematic form” – National Post (Five things to do this week)
“…flashes of humour and genuinely inventive choreography.” – NOW Magazine, Kathleen Smith
“You guys were fantastic!” – Rogers Television
“…slapstick humor of the Bollywood romance portrayed in Sex, Bollywood & Other Lies”. – She Magazine
“…high energy dance numbers performed by the chorus, particularly the rousing closing number featuring the entire cast. Most notable are Megan Lawrence’s acrobatic ability, and Yui Ugai’s stunning lines.”
– Quip Mag
“Writer/Director/Choreographer, Ashima Suri has some charming moments as the image-conscious Trish, who coyly delivers some hilariously biting lines during her first night with her new mate.” – Quip Mag
“…Imran Mohammed… he’s a great dancer and just has that Bollywood suave going for him.”
– Mooney on Theatre
“….a very entertaining piece and I would strongly recommend seeing it.” – Mooney on Theatre
“The rest of the company is comprised of graceful dancers who are able to incorporate classic Indian dance styles of Kathak and Bharatnatyam with Ballet and even Contemporary dance into their numbers. A lot of fun to watch. The physicality of the piece makes it a very high energy show.” – Mooney on Theatre

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