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Blog Review By Laura Phillips, Fringe Festival volunteer

Sex, Bollywood & Other Lies
Blog Review
By Laura Phillips , Fringe Festival volunteer

July 11th 2012

Who could possibly want to go see a movie when you could be entranced by 8 people belly dancing in front of your very eyes!? In Sex, Bollywood, and Other Lies, the actors shake, gyrate, jump, and twirl the audience through the dreams of one modern Indian-Canadian woman. The heroine shows a new side of Bollywood romance when the cultural pressures of her reality affronts her after a night in a stranger’s bed. While things had been hot the night before, Trishna regrets it all in the morning. But, as so often in life, trying to make a ‘one-nighter’ last only one night doesn’t quite work out for Trishna and Raj. After an awkward morning, Trishna leaves in a haze of embarrassment, and finds herself smack dab in the middle of a Bollywood dance scene.  Who knew that such a fun, celebratory dance could make a play about one woman’s insecurities. The dancers are sexy, fun, and flirtatious, which delight audiences and remind Trishna of her own self-consciousness. Dance sequence after dance sequence allows audience to watch the beautiful, confident dancers shake their hips and stomp their feet to the rhythm of a great Bollywood party. Limitless Productions has created a dance show that makes every audience member want to jump up and shake their hips to join the party!! While a modern-day Bollywood princess learns how to carry herself, so does the audience learn that not all dance shows are about distorted bodies, grueling technique, and fairie themes. Sex, Bollywood, and Other Lies is an absolutely captivating show full of real people dancing their hearts out, celebrating the human body in all its shapes and sizes, and celebrating people who find something valuable in an unorthodox love affair.

Its playing at the Randolph Theatre!
June 7: 9:15
June 9: 6:30
June 10: 5:00
June 11: 7:30
June 13: 11:00
June 14: 4:00


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