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Ashima Suri

Ashima Suri founded Limitless Productions in 2007. She was inspired to create work that told real stories and connected to the human spirit. She was motivated to increase awareness and build artist and community capacity. Know more about Ashima →

Heryka Miranda

I am a naturally playful and curious person who enjoys a good belly laugh. I love to explore the creative spirit that lives within me and express it in as many ways as it inspires me to do so. Most recently, it’s been singing, writing, and collaborating with musicians. Hikes in is a favourite activity that I enjoy with my family that includes my partner of 21 years and our 12 year old beagle.

Sid Aakowa

Sid Aakowa was born in Kumasi, Ghana (West Africa). His parents moved him and his older siblings to North America when he was a child, based on a scholarship his father was given bythe Ghanaian government to study overseas. However, soon after settling, tough times arrived for the young immigrant family.

Alexia D'Amato

Alexia D’Amato is a dancer, teacher and yoga instructor. She finds the most joy when dancing, spending time outdoors and travelling. Travelling has been a large part of her life from a young age and experiencing new cultures and seeing the world has been such a gift. A few of her favourite places have been Australia, Egypt, Hawaii and England. She had the opportunity to live, study and work in London, England and perform in Dubai. No matter where she is in the world her ROOTS to Toronto have always brought her home where she now resides with her husband, daughter and son.

Devonna Munroe

Takako Segawa

I was born and raised in Kōchi, a place blessed with breathtaking mountains, an expansive ocean, and Japan’s most beautiful river. As a child, I was a chubby girl who adored dancing and singing. My mother, a gymnastics teacher, felt embarrassed by my chubbiness, which added a layer of complexity to my dreams of becoming an international dancer when I was just fifteen.

My upbringing was steeped in traditional Japanese arts, a heritage I now deeply appreciate but once took for granted. I was a bit of a rebel, always punctual and adamant about never wearing the same outfit to school twice.

However, my world transformed when I went abroad to study at the age of 22. It was there that I discovered my true self and learned to express my individuality freely.

Sharon Zarita

Sharon Zarita Adhiambo is a Kenyan born and raised artist and arts administrator. Adhiambo is a name given to daughters born at night, which explains why she gets her bursts of creative energy and ideas in the evenings.

If you see her once you’ll either remember her hair or beaded jewelry, key identities that ground her as an Afrikan immigrant in Canada.

Zarita sees possibility in everything, is driven by faith to chase creative dreams, works to open doors in the arts for those who can’t and has courage to speak up when unfairness happens. She encourages you to be confident in your abilities and live knowing this world counts on you in many ways.

Being with people in fellowship and community fills her cup which is why she is delighted to be in the ROOTS project.